5 important things you should avoid during periods

5 important things you should avoid during periods but there are so many essential things you should avoid during periods. Periods occur due to the hormonal change in the female body releasing the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the ovaries. It is the starting point of the egg lining in the womb. If there is no fertilized egg, it breaks, and the process repeatedly occurs, known as periods. 

It’s about a 28 days cycle and 4 to 5 weeks that women and girls get their periods after every month. Periods are the toughest time for women’s bodies but it is a quality of women that they bear this pain every month without any extra support from society. I also have written an article about the idea of a strong independent woman, please read that article if you want to know the signs of a strong independent woman.

At the start of a girl’s period, there is no regular period cycle, but after 2 to 3 years, it may come every 4-5 weeks. Periods last a maximum of 5 to 7 days. In those 5 to 7 days, there are 5 important things you should avoid during periods. 

We all are going through our periods with different situations, but we have so many things to cope with. The menstruation cycle is a crucial situation in a girl’s life. We have to be careful about our health and hygiene. We should consult a gynecologist and doctors. There is a list of things we must avoid during our periods.

Here are the 5 important things you should avoid during periods

  1. Don’t use the same pad, and leave your tampon.

Sometimes you feel uncomfortable sleeping with a pad and tampon and if you think of sleeping without anything, trust me, it is such a bad idea. If you have rashes and skin issues, try to change your brand, or you may use a menstrual cup to control the flow, but please don’t sleep without using anything. 

So avoid using the same pad on period days. You can’t be able to control the flow. It will leave a stain on your bed and quilt, and you will not like it to wash everything. Don’t leave a tampon for more than 4 hours in your vagina. 

If you are sleeping with your tampon, it can cause serious risk issues, and it can cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS). It causes a release of bacteria to start seeping into the bloodstream and causes life-threatening reactions.

Sometimes girls with light periods don’t take it seriously to change their pads and tampon. But it would be great if you had to change it after every 4 hours or 5 hours. It is helpful to maintain your hygiene and health.

5 important things you should avoid during periods
  1. Don’t smoke, and avoid coffee.

We all know that smoking is disadvantageous for health. Smoking causes serious health issues but can worsen your period pain. Studies show that women who smoke suffer more hurt than nonsmokers. Consuming too much coffee is one of those 5 important things you should avoid during the period. 

You should avoid drinking too much coffee during coffee. Caffeine can alleviate your period’s pain and is the worst thing you are doing to yourself. If you are addicted to coffee, avoid having too much coffee during your periods. Instead of coffee, drink hot water and hot chocolate milk.

  1. Avoid waxing and keep your body clean with a gentle bath.

Most women get their bikini wax if they are not having a problem with it. But your pain receptors are active during periods, and your skin becomes more sensitive compared to regular days. Waxing during your periods is messy, so consider avoiding it during menopause. 

It’s just a myth that taking a bath is not safe and unhygienic at the same time. It’s like inviting bacteria and germs that can cause infection and rashes. A gentle bath with warm water is beneficial for your period’s cramps. Taking a bath is not only safe, but it is good for your health and hygiene.

Avoid too many chemical products like shampoos, soaps, etc.; having a bath with warm water will benefit you.

  1. Avoid heavy exercise and ups and downs, and adopt a flexible workout schedule.

Women develop the habit of daily exercise to maintain their fitness. Some are walking and jogging, some are into yoga, and some ladies do heavy gym. There is no harm in doing light walks and exercises during your period days. Try to avoid challenging postures. Go easy with your body.

Your body works hard the whole month, but during this period, the cycle has little work pressure. Adjust your working and class schedule according to your condition. If you are constantly feeling severe cramps down there and feel heavy, take some rest. Suppose you are exhausted and need rest. It’s okay to complete your work another day.

  1. Don’t wash your external genitalia.

When you are on your period, it’s necessary to give extra attention to your genital area. The level of the vaginal microbiota might be disrupted by excessively cleaning your sensitive lady parts.

It’s essential to pay attention down there to reduce the risk of any fungal and bacterial infection. If you feel a terrible smell, scrutinize it or consult the doctor or gynecologist. Wash your external genitalia with clear warm water carefully without using soap; mild chemicals can also cause severe infection.              

3 important things to do during the period

We have discussed the 5 important things to avoid during the period, but here are a few things we really need to do. 

  1. Proper diet

During periods you lose lots of blood and energy, and your energy levels go up and down rapidly. You are having bad cramps, and it’s a painful process. Your blood sugar will be low, so you must take three proper meals and drink lots of water. If you want to eat something, you should eat your favorite food. 

Try to avoid too much salty food in your diet. It causes bloating and retention of water and worsens your cramps. Too many sweet foods can also worsen your pain as we have primarily sweet cravings during our periods. Try to take a healthy diet like fruits and vegetables, increase your water intake, and drink herbal tea to relieve pain.

5 important things you should avoid during periods
  1. Proper sleep cycle

A disturbed sleep cycle affects your health. It brings laziness and irritation to your behavior. Lying in bed late at night and watching your favorite shows and movies along with your favorite snacks instead of sleeping is not a good idea. A disturbed sleep cycle can cause the release of the stress hormone cortisol. 

The imbalance of hormones causes issues in periods. Rest is essential for one’s body, especially when you are on your periods; you have to take rest and relax your body. Try to get proper sleep so that your body feels energetic.

  1. Proper hygiene 

Try to keep your body clean during periods, Because not having proper hygiene can cause a lot of unrest in your body, and it would be uncomfortable to move around. A gentle bath with warm water is beneficial for your period’s cramps. 

Taking a gently warm bath is not only safe, but it is good for your health and hygiene. Avoid too many chemical products like shampoos, soaps, etc.; having a bath with warm water will benefit you.

Last thoughts

Periods are an essential part of a woman’s life. It is a crucial time for most females. And it’s like a continuous cycle they must face every month. So try to give importance to yourself as much as you can. We should support each other and try to help each other as much as we can in our spaces. This article is like support from my side. I hope you all will like it. 

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