7 Signs You’re A Strong Independent Woman

The subject of strong women could be very subjective for individuals, but all independent strong women hold some traits and qualities which make them strong independent women. Because these traits and qualities define them, and all strong independent women have them. Click to read about how to become a strong independent woman here.

Most of these qualities or traits are related to leadership roles. Without any specification to gender, these qualities or signs are familiar to all strong independent women and men. Most Strong independent women are so keen to play the robust and patriarchal character that they fail to acknowledge how strong and independent they are. 

  1. You are Leader, not a follower.

It is the most common sign of a strong independent woman. They like to lead instead of a follower. They have natural leadership qualities and are ready to take responsible roles. They step forward in crucial times when other fellows are unprepared to take responsibility. 

It could be either in business or in societies. Strong independent women have no fear of taking responsible roles and leading fellows. This sign is visible in their career or societal roles. Also, it shapes their personality most. 

  1. You don’t rely on others.

A fascinating thing about strong independent women is they don’t rely on others. They understand their situations well and don’t rely on other people for their work. If they have to do anything in their career or society, they don’t rely on people to take steps.

Instead, they take responsibility for what they must do and deal with it alone. However, they don’t hesitate to ask for help if they need any extra. Even people like to help them because they know whenever they need help, they can ask her too. 

  1. You are good at decision-making.

The process of choosing choices by recognizing a decision, acquiring information, and evaluating possible answers is known as decision making. Decisions define people. A competent decision-maker adopts activities that benefit both himself and others. 

They approach decision-making with an open mind and do not allow personal prejudices to influence them. They make sensible judgments after investigating options and considering the implications. So many people are afraid of making decisions in life, and they regret it. 

So making decisions is the most common trait of strong and independent people. Taking your own decision shows you are independent and can take risks or can decide about yourself on your own without the interference of anyone else. 

  1. You are well aware of your faults and mistakes.

Admitting when you’re wrong also demonstrates that you’re aware and thus able to learn from your mistakes. This might increase your confidence in your leadership. As a strong independent woman, owning your mistake offers a vital sense of safety and adds credibility to your words.

We impose extra stress on ourselves and others when we do not learn from our errors and risk losing people’s faith and trust in us. Admitting your mistakes can help avert a significant, difficult-to-solve problem. Instead of attempting to hide and forget their errors, strong independent women utilize them to reflect on what they lack and strive to become better and better.

  1. You have opinions and are also ready for criticism. 

Giving your opinion on anything makes you happy and increases your self-esteem. Living in a free atmosphere requires you to express your thoughts and words. You own it and have the right to it. 

Opinion matters because it gives us the illusion that we influence our surroundings. Opinions are certainly quite valuable. We are social beings; therefore, expressing our feelings about the world is essential. 

Strong independent women have solid beliefs but are willing to accept criticism, which prompts reflection and correction if they are incorrect. As I have stated, they are eager to fix their errors. As a result, they are willing to revise their minds if they are mistaken.

  1. You know how to feel happy alone. 

The first thing about being independent is you don’t have to depend on anyone for anything. Happiness is also one of those things. Strong independent women know how to deal with things when they are alone. They don’t need anyone to feel special or feel happy. 

Because most people think you can not be happy alone, which is untrue. Many strong independent people break this myth. You have to deal with loneliness often in your life because when you don’t think the same way as others, they try to abandon you. 

This is when you must learn about being happy while lonely. And Strong independent women also deal with it many times in their life, and they know how to feel satisfied alone. 

  1. You value yourself and respect others. 

If you are a strong independent woman, you value your life and your personality. You always remember your struggles and hurdles. So why not appreciate yourself to face these hurdles? Appreciating your hard work also boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Self-esteem and self-respect are inextricably linked. Self-esteem provides the confidence to achieve; without it, you are merely limiting yourself. You are alone accountable for your fate. If you spend your life loathing yourself, you will hinder whatever development you want to accomplish. Also along with that you always respect others too.


A strong independent woman who completely supports herself and is proud of her ability to do so may be considered independent. A strong independent woman expresses her feelings, speaks what she truly believes, and lives her ideals. She is self-aware and takes care of herself. So If you have all the above traits and signs, then you should be proud that you are a strong, independent woman.


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