Perfectionism is an illusion. Why anything that seems perfect is an illusion?

Perfectionism is an illusion. It is the wish for everything to be correct and perfect. We let Perfectionism affect our lives in many ways. Perfectionism is an idea that we build in our heads. At times to such extreme levels, we see flaws in perfect things. To make it even more compatible, we either end up spoiling our excellent work in the first round or exhausting ourselves by being overly critical.

We all go through this perfectionism era in which we need everything flawless and smooth. We want perfection in every corner of life, both professionally and privately. Perfectionism is the enemy of progress. But we don’t think anything that we think is perfect is an illusion in our minds. We want the perfect lifestyle, house, job, holidays, and pictures, then post them on social media platforms and wait for others to appreciate them. 

Understand the idea that “Perfectionism is an illusion.”

You are always in the race to get more and more. This race of getting more and more and being perfect will make you tired at one time. You have only one life. It would help if you enjoyed it as raw as possible; do not make it fake and difficult on yourself. 

Sometimes people in our surroundings, like parents, grandparents, and so many people around us, process our minds to do better and better in everything.

We all are faking things to make them look perfect. In this regard, social media platforms play a very important role. 

Everyone tries their hardest to please others, complete their expectations, and reach society’s beauty standards. Those people we are looking at on social media all have the same flaws and issues as you have; they show us their filtered life and pictures.

Perfectionism is not a natural phenomenon nor a desire. It’s just a mindset, and people crave it. Sometimes excessive craving will be very harmful to fulfilling every need of your craving, and at one point, it will be dangerous.

Perfectionism is an illusion
Perfect is an illusion

Struggles with the illusion of Perfectionism

It can be detrimental because it sets us up for failure when we buy into the idea that perfection is possible. If we believe perfection is attainable, we set ourselves up for failure. We will never achieve that impossible aim because perfect is an illusion, which will always make us feel disappointed in ourselves.

Additionally harmful, it promotes unhealthy behaviors. Anxiety and sadness can result from Perfectionism. Additionally, it can cause perfectionism-related behaviors, including binge eating, purging, excessive exercise, and more. These actions could negatively impact our physical and emotional health.

Get rid of the illusion of Perfectionism.

Perfect is an illusion. It is the idea most people embrace to eliminate the illusion of Perfectionism. Perfection is only in our minds because no one in this world is perfect. Everyone has flaws, and we must know how to embrace them. Here is the article that will help you to overcome Perfectionism. Some of those things are here:

  • Have a positive approach.

You are lovely in every way, exactly as you are. To gain someone’s love, you don’t need to get any taller, shorter, fatter, thinner, wiser, richer, or change in any other manner. You are it already. And now is the moment to start loving yourself. 

Once you start to feel good about yourself, confidence comes naturally. You realize that living a happy and fulfilling life doesn’t need you to aspire to any certain ideal. as inner contentment is what lasts.

  • Don’t listen to others’ opinions.

Don’t make other people’s ideals your own; stop comparing yourself to others. Who says you must work 70 hours weekly in a lucrative managerial position? Who decides how much you must weigh to be considered “beautiful”? And why do you regard other people’s perspectives so highly? 

You may be familiar with the proverb, “We spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like.” Happiness is something you find inside, not on the exterior. Furthermore, it is irrelevant what other individuals believe or say there.

  • Be different

People throughout the world want to be flawless. However, the unique individuals that this planet needs more than anything else. The world requires lateral thinkers, visionaries, and those with the guts to act on their original ideas. Join their ranks! 

Instead of attempting to be a perfect follower, go on your path and discover that perfection is no such thing. Life is vibrant, untamed, varied, surprising, and special but never flawless. It offers a great deal. However, it will never be completely faultless. And it’s fortunate that way.

Perfectionism is an illusion
Perfect is an illusion
  • Several ways to overcome Perfectionism
  1. Prioritize the process over the outcome.
  2. Accept your imperfections and give up trying to be perfect.
  3. Take each day as it comes.
  4. Find out what makes you special.
  5. Learn to let go of your urge for control and to unwind a little.
  6. Give up seeking approval from others
  7. Love yourself first
  • Balance yourself

After discussing why perfection is a myth, let’s discuss how you can achieve inner harmony. Setting attainable goals is one of the finest strategies for striking a balance. 

You’ll experience disappointment and frustration if you set yourself unattainable goals all the time. Making your goals realistic will increase your chances of success. And you’ll feel better about yourself.

  • Change your perspective

Finally, perspective is the key to Perfectionism. If you constantly contrast yourself with others, you’ll never feel good about yourself. Everyone is traveling through life on their journey. Therefore, you should concentrate on your path rather than another.

It’s crucial to extend yourself some mercy. We all have flaws because we are only human. It’s acceptable to make mistakes occasionally. Move on after learning from your mistakes. Finding the balance with oneself will be made much easier with grace.

  • Perfect is an illusion.

Nobody’s life is ideal. Each of us faces unique difficulties. The secret is to stop thinking about the bad things in your life and concentrate on the good. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Perfectionism is a myth. 

It’s something that is both impossible and unachievable. So, if you are aware of your flaws, don’t be hard on yourself. Just work to improve yourself and have a healthy relationship with yourself.

Related Questions

Is Perfectionism a personality type?

The Enneagram Ones adhere rigidly to regulations and pay significant attention to detail, like performing tasks perfectly and to high standards. They also steer clear of errors. They come across as exacting, responsible, and perfectionists to others.

How can Perfectionism make your life miserable?

According to scientific research, perfectionists frequently experience sadness, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, compulsive behavior, and even suicidal thoughts. They try to find joy in imperfections. Perfectionists don’t sense pride very frequently.

How can a perfectionist mentality be overcome?

  1. Advice on Combating Perfectionism
  2. Note the advantages and disadvantages of being a perfectionist.
  3. Set realistic objectives for yourself.
  4. Establish deadlines for tasks and make sure to stick to them.
  5. Avoid putting things off.
  6. Remember that it’s acceptable to make mistakes.
  7. Go after various goals that are important to you and make you happy.

What skills do perfectionists have?

There are two types of Perfectionism, scientists say., one good and one bad. The finest perfectionists are high standards of excellent achievers who put up their utmost effort, expect themselves and others to perform well, and view failures as teaching opportunities rather than as signs of inferiority.


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