What are the benefits of 14-Days water fast?

Fourteen days of fasting is a period in which you can either do water or intermittent fasting. You can’t survive by just drinking water for such an extended period. You should have to eat something solid during your mealtime or otherwise, and you may face severe deficiencies. Also if you wanted to try a water fast to quit caffeine then you visit this post to quit caffeine.

So make sure you are fit for this extended period of fasting, but if you are a beginner, then you can try three days of water fasting, which is as valuable as 14 days of water fasting and perfect for detox. 

Disadvantages of long period water fasting

If you are trying to lose weight by two weeks of fasting, maybe it’s a pretty revolutionary period, and it would not be helpful as well because water fasting does not help you reduce your body weight.

It would help if you had to follow the proper diet plan for reducing your weight because in a 2weeks of sudden, hunger may reduce your water retention in your body and drops your water weight stored in your body but trust me, it will come back as soon as you start your previous routine.

It’s not an effective way of losing weight. I’ll prefer to detox your body weekly or monthly, like six days of eating and one day of fasting. You can have countable calories with healthy food. 2 weeks of fasting either have benefits or disadvantages. 

Many people share their fasting experiences. All said it’s good for 3 to 4 days ad 7 to 8 days. Still, after that, they are not feeling good. They feel pain in their body, lethargy, laziness, don’t have much energy to do something productive, negative thoughts, and irritation in their behavior. 

So I think we have talked about its disadvantages now let’s focus on the benefits side. So here are some health benefits of water fasting but again, make sure you consult your doctor before starting this long period of water fasting.

Advantages of 14 days of water fasting

There are benefits of a long period of water fasting, like fourteen days, because this is very useful for detox. Long-period fasting may be beneficial for the risk of some diseases and is very useful for detox and natural health maintenance. 

Long-term fasting or fourteen-day fasting may help you deal with disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases while supporting general fitness.

Fasting is scientifically proven to be highly advantageous to health. When we do not fast, our bodies do not have regular access to the fats that are stored in our bodies. However, when we fast, our bodies break down our stored fats, making them the ideal energy source and strategy to lose weight.

Immune system

Fasting may boost your immune system by repairing damaged tissues and renewing stem cells more quickly. It will aid in the recovery from sickness and some chronic conditions.

High blood pressure

Water fasting can benefit persons with exceptionally high blood pressure issues. Water-only fasting is a safe and effective way of regulating blood pressure and beginning health-promoting behavioral changes since lifestyle modification helps hypertension-related disorders.


It is a physiological process involving consuming bodily tissue during hunger. According to research, autophagy must begin after at least 18 to 24 hours of hunger. This procedure entails breaking down and recycling your body’s old and damaged cells.

In a nutshell

Long-period water fasting, like 14 days of water fasting, might not be helpful for everyone because it has pros and cons. We have discussed them, so I’m sure now you can make the right decision about this experiment. I’m sure this article would be valuable to your life.


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