How 72 Hour fast changed my eating habits? Full Guidebook

Losing weight! This is the first thought that comes to mind with 72 hour fast. There are health benefits of Intermittent fasting, eating disorders, & low-calorie diet. These big names come to your mind thinking about losing weight.

Fasting is not easy or simple. Especially Three days of water fasting!

Beginners should choose 72 hour fast then 14-Days water fast. As we believe it requires lots of patience, motivation, and self-control.

You can go with alternate-day fasting as it helps to burn fat from your body. But with alternate-day fasting, you may be unable to follow the rhythm. The human body needs essential proteins and carbs daily.

Keep reading to know how I struggle through all these situations.

How I struggled with Eating Disorders & choosing 72 Hour fast?

Well, it’s not simple to tell you how I STRUGGLED with many problems. However, I try to list a few of the major problems I was dealing with.

My struggle with food & EXCESSIVE Easting

I was a person who ate everything that came in front of me. I ate on an irregular timetable with no calorie count.

Stopping your hand from food is the biggest challenge. Make up your mind and try to calculate your meals and calories.

This process takes time, so keep it simple and consistent.

I started by skipping one meal. Breakfast was the best meal to skip it for me. But later, I realized skipping your first energy meal is not a good idea.

How do I Choose to Fast and practice self-control?

Fasting three days a month or two months is a good habit. It helps to detoxify your body. It reduces INFLAMMATION in the body.

Chronic inflammation assists you in dealing with many adverse events.

With an eating disorder, you can’t sleep until you eat your favorite snacks or fast food. Your Fasting journey needs an upper limit of motivation and SELF-CONTROL.

You are up all night watching your favorite movies or TV shows on Saturday night. Eating chips, fizzy drinks, chocolates, and sweets.

My Story & EXPERIENCE with 72 Hour fast

72 hour fast

I start fasting after having my last meal in the morning. After that, I treat myself to lots of water every 30-40 minutes. I also drink HERBAL TEA and green tea without sugar. I am not a coffee addict, so I tried to manage my coffee cravings.

Keep everything simple and bring ease to yourself. The key to fasting is patience & motivation

After 72 hours of fasting, I used to break my fast with some light bone broth soup. It is my all-time favorite.

You can have any soup according to your taste. After that, I love to eat fresh fruits or juices.

Do not overeat; give your body time to return to your digestive routine. I usually do alternate-day fasts and also intermittent fasting.

But I can’t keep consistent and become lazy, lol!

Fasting keeps me active and energetic; to make it obvious, I lost many inches

It feels great! Doesn’t it?

But one thing is very important. I do 72 hours of fasting monthly according to my body’s needs and energy.

There is no need to freak out about weight loss.

Just relax and do the whole process calmly. It will take time, but it will pay you off.

Personal Advice: If you have any medical history, ask your doctor or nutritionist. This is my sincere suggestion.

Benefits of Choosing 72 hour fast

Fasting really doesn’t mean that you will starve to death!!

You are nourishing your body with essential minerals and energy.

It has lots of health benefits.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated 

During your fasting period drinking lots of water is the best you can do for yourself.

Drinking lots of water during fasting reduces the aging process. It is not only for your skin but also for your organs and veins.

  1. Reduce risk for many diseases.

Fasting is so beneficial it may improve your blood glucose levels. It is really helpful for those who are suffering from diabetes. It also moderates our high blood pressure problem.

Implementing fasting in your routine is really beneficial for heart health.

Changing your lifestyle may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Fasting helps in reducing inflammation & avoiding neurodegenerative diseases.

It also brings down the threat of chronic diseases.

  1. Losing weight
72 hour fast

Losing weight is the biggest reward of fasting. 

It actually shoots up your system to lose weight. You are cutting some extra-calorie beverages, drinks, and fast food.

  1. Maintain insulin levels

Three days of fasting bring down blood glucose levels. It maintains insulin sensitivity in the human body to lessen the risk of cancer cells.

It is beneficial to make new immune cells which gives strength. Your immune system and make a metabolic switch in the body

  1. Alzheimer disease

Fasting can cause BDNF levels which may improve memory. It also helps in the reduction of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Study shows that fasting is significantly beneficial in many medical conditions. If it is, go along with properly as instructed and medically supervised.

  1. Growth hormone:

Studies show that fasting for a certain period. it may increase your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) level. 

Human growth hormone participates in muscle cells, metabolism, and weight loss.

  1. Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is the state when cells of your muscles and liver.

It counters well to insulin levels and gets glucose from your body. Water fasting is the best way to free your body of insulin resistance.

It includes exercise, weight loss, and excessive water fasting. It will help a lot to cure insulin sensitivity.

  1. Amino acid

Amino acid supplements are also very common. People who want to balance the proteins in their bodies. As it involves molecular mechanisms. 

Those people who are strictly prohibited from amino acids have some medical conditions.

  1. Tumors in body

Study shows fasting reduces the risk of tumors in your body. Fasting reduces the development of tumors. And cancer prevention and increases the efficiency of chemotherapy.

Fasting on alternate days kills cancer cells in your body. It increases the efficiency of the immune system.

72-hour or 3-day fast vs. 14 days fast, Which should you choose?

Fasting is the best FAT-BURNING mode for our bodies.

People choose different ways of fasting, like INTERMITTENT FASTING. 

Three days fasting or 14 days fasting? It’s a big question. Isn’t it? 

Fasting doesn’t mean burning all your body fat. In this situation, we lose the healthy fats that keep us active.

Two days of fasting and three days of fasting is the ideal time period for skipping your meals. And allow your body to only water intake.

72 hours fasting or 14 days fasting

Suppose you are thinking about 14 days of water-only fasting. And if you want an EXTENDED FAST from your 72- hours fasting to a 14-day extended fast. 

You should consult your nutritionist and HEALTHCARE provider and seek their guidance. It may cause some weakness or breaking of body cells. 

Prohibiting your body from food intake and extended fasting. It may result in the breaking of immune cells and may affect or disturb metabolism.

Prolonged fasting may lead to some serious medical conditions.  It may cause body weakness and the BREAKING OF BODY CELLS. If you prolong your fasting, you feel severe hunger pangs. 

Also, you may be unable to bear these hunger levels.

My Suggestions

I suggest you continue your fasting for three days maximum. Suppose you want to stick with the fasting routine. Go with alternate-day fasting or intermittent fasting.

Suppose you want a prolonged period of fasting. I suggest you do it in a medically supervised atmosphere.

How to implement a 72 hour fast every week or month?

It’s a detailed process and needs your attention at every moment. You must look at everything in detail. Let’s dive into this with a detailed step-by-step process. 

Step 1: Observe your diet

72 hour fast

Asking yourself what kind of food you are consuming in your DAILY ROUTINE. You have to evaluate how much calories you should consume. 72-hour fasting is water-only fasting. You cannot eat solid foods; you must switch your diet to water.

After 72 hours of water fasting, your body breaks old immune cells and generates new ones.

You may have sugar-free green tea, herbal tea, black coffee, not any kind of solid foods.

Step 2: GETTING your Last meal

The last meal you ate a few hours before you fasted. Whatever it was, it should be full of carbohydrates and proteins.

Your last meal works as a storage powerhouse.

This helps your body stay active, motivated, and not feel HUNGRY & LETHARGIC. Your last meal is the source of energy for a few hours for your body.

Step 3: Process of breaking down cells

In a few hours of starting, your body breaks your body fat cells into your bloodstream. And your body starts using the STORED ENERGY in your body.

The breaking down of cells in the BLOODSTREAM are used as fuel, known as ketones. This state is called ketosis.

  • 18 hours of start:

After 18 hours, your body starts the biochemical process of burning body fat. You feel more energetic and focused.

  • Autophagy:

After 24 hours, the process of autophagy starts. Your body BREAK CELLS and starts eating its own cells. This process may reduce the risk of cancer.

  • Fasting more than 72 hours:

Extended fasting for more than 72 hours may disturb your insulin levels. And it may bring a metabolic switch in digesting food. The human body needs essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates.


Maintaining health is the primary concern of every person. But without MEDICAL SUPERVISION, I am sure! You don’t want any health risks. 

You may switch to a low-calorie diet, lessening the risk of heart disease and chronic disease. It is also beneficial to maintain a metabolic switch in your body. 

Muscle mass & Insulin sensitivity

Muscle mass is the number of muscles in our body, cardiac and skeletal muscles. Muscle mass improves your immune system.  

It may also improve insulin sensitivity and prevent loss, among other health advantages.

FAQs Related to 72 Hour Fast

How to break a 72-hour fast?

The first meal to break your fast should be light. Better to take cereal soup and boiled or baked vegetables. Try to take a sip of bone broth soup. After that, I suggest eating fruit, salad, or fresh juice.

How often should you do a 72-hour fast?

I recommend you adopt a healthy cycle of fasting. You should do 72 hours of fasting once a month or for two months. You should do it even twice a month, but it’s better to consult your nutritionist.  Avoid any health risks if your nutritionist warns you about anything.

How to do a 72-hour fast?

72 hours of fasting consists of drinking lots of water. And not having solid food for three days. You can have non-sugary green tea or herbal tea. If you are a coffee lover, You can have black coffee without sugar.

What does a 72-hour fast do to your body?

72 hours of fasting increase the state called ketosis in the body. It results in successful volunteering of fasting in your body. It also reduces the insulin levels in your body. The biggest result your body shows to you is weight loss and better health conditions.

How to fast for 72 hours?

Fasting means you have the authority to drink water. People drink 3 to 4 liters of water on average. Increase your water intake according to your body. Drinking smoothies, juices, and protein shakes are prohibited. Green tea and herbal tea is ok. 

Final Thoughts

Water fasting for three days is really beneficial to lose weight. Keep one thing very clear in your mind: drinking lots and lots of water will bring ease to your fast.

I personally lose 2 kgs in a healthy way. But if you are thinking about increasing this period. I recommend you do it under medical supervision.

Your body’s health is the primary concern when making this decision.

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