Sugar as an addiction and its side effects

Sugar is an addiction similar to the case with drugs and alcohol. People are dying heart fans of sweet candies, icecreams, cookies, and biscuits; when they see these items at shops, marts, and grocery stores, their cravings urge them to eat them right now cause it gives them energy kick right on time. These cravings keep hitting them more and more. But if you have decided to quit sugar then you can read this post to quit sugar here.

How does sugar work as an addiction?

Research shows that sugar intake triggers the release of dopamine in the nucleus of your brain in areas that respond to addictive drugs. Sugar intake also releases endogenous opioids, which hits the future sugar cravings. People don’t feel the same energy when they eat veggies and fruit sugar, but they can eat a chocolate bar and ice cream t even at 2 pm. The recommended limit of sugar is 12 teaspoons and 200 calories. 

Excess sugar consumption is harmful to our bodies and our health. Too much sugar can cause headaches, irritability and exhaustion, hunger, bloating, dizziness, and problems focusing. As a result, it is best to avoid sugar as quickly as possible.

Side Effects of excessive sugar use on our body:

Here are the most common side effects of excessive use of sugar items.

Teeth cavity

We all know that our parents always tell us not to eat too many candies and jellies or otherwise we have cavities in our mouth, yeah! Its right candies can rot your teeth and bacteria in your mouth, leading to cavities and tooth decay.

Heart Diseases

When sugar intake is too much, it will increase the insulin level in your blood. It will cause your arteries to grow thicker and stress out on your heart failure or heart disease. People who have an excessive intake of sugar, like 20% to 30%they will face heart disease as compared to those people who have a 10% to 15% sugar intake.

Kidney problems

The kidney is the primary filtration organ in our body which filters our blood if you are diabetic and have too much sugar. When a certain amount of sugar reaches its point, the kidney starts to filter and release it through urine. It is left unchecked that diabetes can cause kidney damage, and it will not be able to filter your blood, and as a result, it causes kidney failure.


This term isn’t new to you. We all are well aware of body weight and gaining weight. Research shows that people who add more sugar to their diet, like chocolates, sweetened beverages, and soft drinks, and have too much sugar food gain 1.7 pounds of weight in less than 2 or 3 months as compared to those who don’t have too much sugar, it will cause a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. 

Joint pains and Skin aging

Too much sugar increases joint pain with the inflammation in your body and has a risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Not only this but sugar breakdowns your collagen and elasticity in the skin, which causes wrinkles and aging.

Last thoughts 

Sugar has so many side effects. Also, it is addictive as drugs and alcohol, but we don’t realize its side effects until it’s too late because they are so slow. Also, too much intake of sugar disables your appetite. Most importantly, too much sugar gives you depression causing 30 to 40 % of sugar and junk food consumers to face depression in their lives. I hope we tried our best to inform you about sugar addiction’s side effects.

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