Perfectionism ruins productivity

Perfectionism is a psychological state in which people want everything perfect and in order. Some so many people consider themselves a perfectionist. It seems beneficial in many aspects, organized in every manner. It seems like a positive thing that increases your success rate, but it can lead to the behavior of self-defeating procrastination in your goals.

No one in this world becomes a perfectionist because, being human, we all do something wrong, or sometimes we do many things wrong and make wrong decisions, but it’s completely okay to make mistakes. You seem perfect and try hard to be perfect, but you’re not perfect from someone else’s point of view. 

There are three types of perfectionists: 

Here are those three types of perfectionist

Self-oriented perfectionist

Self-oriented perfectionists set high goals and have high expectations for their lives and careers. These people have higher rates of positive emotions and confidence, they set their goals for themselves and work for them, and most of these people are successful in their goals or sometimes higher than them.          

Other oriented perfectionists

Other-oriented perfectionists have hopes for other people to meet their standards. They set very high expectations, unrealistic standards, and critical observation when people cannot meet their expectations. These perfectionists have thought that others could not meet their standards and get success.

Socially prescribed perfectionism

These people are self-critical and are under lots of pressure to meet the expectations of society, family, workplace, and culture expectations. These people have too much pressure to be the best or be rejected by them. It brings anxiety, doubts about self abilities, and low confidence.

However, there are a lot of side effects of perfectionism, so let’s discuss a few of them:


Perfectionism may cause procrastination in your aims because, being a perfectionist, you always wait for the right time or opportunity to do your things perfectly, but that perfect time often never comes; as a result, it affects your productivity. 

Kills creativity

Some people assume perfectionism is a healthy motive, but that’s not the case. It has many disadvantages regarding your hard work and goals. It may lead you towards unhappy behavior and anxiety. In terms of perfectionism, you are killing your creative ideas, affecting your productivity.

Failing in easy tasks

Productivity is considered creativity and the ability to generate and bring forth goods and services. But a perfectionist person would kill his productivity because he got to stick to an old task to make it perfect.

After a time, he will start thinking he is a failure and falling behind, which would develop a sense of failure. So he would quickly fail in the simple task due to his perfectionism.

Low confidence

Perfectionism demands you to be perfect. Because of that, you would hold yourself with so many orders and organization in everything. As a result, you reject your actual self. Rejecting all your ideas will bring low confidence; it’s never a good idea because it’ll affect your productivity and cause you to give low output.   

Mental depression

In the case of being perfect, if you keep cutting and putting back your ideas, creativity, and innovation, you’ll start doubting your worth and skills. Feeling worthless may lead you to miss deadlines, and you’ll be unable to complete your tasks. It means you are putting yourself back, and you’ll be depressed.

Last thoughts

Perfectionism ruins your productivity, and it will destroy your self-esteem, confidence, and career. Start to complete your tasks unless they are perfect; by not attempting perfectionism, you’ll see things from a different angle and try to solve them from a different perspective.

In making every detail perfect, you are wasting too much time, affecting your productivity. It will be better to focus on other things like the quality of your work. 

Always being a perfectionist and focusing on small things to be perfect makes you frustrated and irritated; try to spend this time with people who give you strength and on things that make you more passionate and confident regarding your work.        


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