Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people

There are different kinds of people all over the world. Everyone has a different opinion and observation of the world. Everyone has a different definition of success, but what does success mean?

The world has no standard of success, meaning success is always different for everyone. Some people are successful in the financial world and they feel succeeded. While some people are not good with finances but they happy and satisfied with what they are doing. As there is no standard of success like there is no standard of maturity and being right. There are so many things as success and mental capability. Also, if you wanted to become a better person then you can read this article too.

As this is our topic and the was a famous quotation from Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people”.

Let’s find out the actual intentions and meaning of this saying and discuss it. Let’s start with the small mind people according to the quote and see how to become great mind people. It’s pretty different to start with small-minded people. Because everyone starts with great people than ordinary and in the end small-minded.

But let’s see it from a different angle and discuss how a small mind can transform into great minds people.

Small minds discuss people.

As you see, this is the last part of the saying, so let’s discuss how small-mind people grow their thinking. They do not have much exposure to the world and do not have anything progressive or inspiring in their life. Thus they have plenty of time to study other people in their surroundings.

These folks are always gossiping about one another and spreading gossip. Gossips can be harmful as long as you have a sort of element of negativity. Negativity spreads faster than anything. Today we have many instruments like magazines, tabloids, and social media apps.

Where they can get the gossip or rumors about celebrities and politicians. Today’s reality is that our media and social media are filled with gossipers. Which dedicated their lives to gossiping about other people. it gives them hate comments.

Average minds discuss events.

This is a significant development when upgrading from discussing people to events. that you take a step forward. Now you want to explore more and want to talk about them. It’s called objectivity now, and you focus on occurrence, facts, and figures.

When a person stops discussing people, then they would not waste time gossiping. He will take an interest in other things like events happening all around. It is simple to attend these activities, and you begin to like attending all types of events. It would be an upgrade in your intellectual depth.

Average minds are trying to boost themselves up and start doing things others do. They feel these events as extraordinary and don’t want to witness what other people are doing. They are trying to identify themselves with these events. They will eventually feel better about this phenomenon.

Great minds discuss ideas.

Great brains are capable of thinking beyond the box. Great brains solve challenges that benefit the entire planet. Understanding the underlying meanings beyond the bounds entails discussing ideas.

They are hardworking and devoted to their aims. The greatest minds can portray complex things in a few meaningful words. Great minds are not wasting their time on useless gossip. Because their time is more valuable than money. They always have a lifelong mission.

We have numerous instances of brilliant brains as inspiring individuals. Such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and Bill Gates. Many additional persons serve as inspirational characters.

How to evolve to become a great mind?

I don’t have a ready-to-serve recipe, but here are a few tips that would help your evolution to become a great man.

  • Start thinking profoundly. Beyond the limits of the problems and try to find solutions.
  • Stop talking about people’s lives and events that do not relate to the greater good. Like you can discuss great people and historical events. But don’t need to gossip about your colleagues or fellows.
  • Be punctual and hard work. Work towards your goals that serve people not your insecurities.
  • Try to expand your knowledge by engaging in intellectual conversations with people.
  • Reflet on yourself, find your flaws, and work on them. A person who works on his mistakes and flaws will eventually become a perfect version of himself.

Last thoughts

I hope you would find this article motivational and would try to reflect on yourself. I tried my best to decode this statement and it would add value to your life. 

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