Methods of quitting sugar & Withdrawal symptoms of quitting sugar

We all love to eat sweet desserts and sweet drinks. It’s okay to love sweet things, but obsession is not good with sugar. Having too much sugar is like an addiction, and it’s evident that this is not good for health. So you may face complications due to sugar, so why not try to quit sugar? You must know about methods of quitting sugar because You have to decide and learn the time to stop sugar. After all, it’s addictive. 

When you start to cut it off in your diet, you will face severe mood swings, cravings, anxiety, sleeplessness with headaches, and many other things that vary from person to person. But trust me, these symptoms only last a few days, but they will help overcome your sugar intake, and your cravings may stop in about 2 to 3 weeks.

How to give up sugar?

You can take advantage of many hacks and tricks by implementing them daily. So here are some most essential methods of quitting sugar from your diet. Let’s start with it: 

Proper meals:

The first thing you must do while quitting sugar starts your day with a proper fulfilling breakfast with an appropriate portion of proteins and carbs. It reduces sugar cravings; eating your three balanced meals at proper intervals, like after 4to 5 hours, will support healthy digestion and reduce insulin spikes.

Eat fruits:

In starting, you would feel cravings, but there is also a solution to every desire; when you have sugar cravings, start eating naturally occurring sweets, fruits, and veggies. So many fruits are rich in sweetness that will satisfy your sugar craving. You can take it with nuts, seeds, yogurt, or milk. 


Cutting sugar and diets cause dehydration, so drink lots and lots of water. Whenever you feel small fits of hunger, drink plenty of water. If you want to change the taste, add lemon juice, mint, berries, and fresh fruit juice. Coconut water is the best thing in the world. It will bring a glow to your face.

Divert your attention:

When you crave sugar and something sweet, try to divert your attention and think about something good and nice which pleases you or even try to change your seat to change the environment, take a walk for 10 to 20 minutes, start a conversation with someone around you.

Remove all sweets:

Removing all sweets is the most essential and fundamental step to take. Remove all the sweet snacks, chocolate bars, sweet drinks, candies, and jellies. Just throw and hide these things out of your sight. Make sure you don’t have any of this stuff in your drawer or kitchen bags in your office. Replace them with fruits, nuts, and veggies like carrots, cucumber, and sweet potatoes.

Use stevia:

Use stevia instead of sugar, as stevia is a no-calorie sweetener made up of plants and is an excellent sugar substitute. It’s a naturally occurring sweetener and 10 to 14 times sweeter. And xylitol is a sweetener extracted from corn found in many vegetables and fruits. 

Withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal of adding sugar to your diet will show you some symptoms in your body, both mentally and physically, and the withdrawal timeline may vary from person to person. There are so many things you’ll feel during the withdrawal duration. 

If your diet consists of too much, it will be difficult for you, and you’ll face symptoms mentally like mood swings, anxiety, irritation, change in the sleep cycle, and difficulty in concentration.


Physical symptoms may include

  • Dizziness 
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

Withdrawal timeline

All these things may take a little bit more time of your patience but trust me, there is a reward at the end. You may take the initiative with one day and then three days, and later on, you extend your timeline from 15 days to one month, and at one point, your body will use it you will succeed in your mission of improving health.

Last thoughts 

Withdrawal of sugar could be a little bit stressful for you, making it even harder to concentrate on your goal but believe me if you keep following these methods of quitting sugar then ultimately you would achieve your goal. You have to focus on your plan. Also, after a short period, you would feel energized and fresh because you would not have any sugar addiction or artificial sugar in your body. It would be the best feeling, so keep focusing on your goal. 

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